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Basic Knowledge about the ice cream

by JasonLee 18 Aug 2022 0 Comments

    People loves ice cream especially enjoy eating a tasty ice cream in the hot summer. But do you know what is basic components of ice cream ?

    Most ice cream consist of four components, they are ice crystal, fat,sweeteners,and air

    Ice crystals are the crystals of various kinds of water in ice cream. The main function is to support the appearance of ice cream. The smaller the ice crystals are, the better the taste.

    gseice ice cream machine-ice

    Fat mainly comes from milk and eggs, and has more lecithin, which can release choline, which is helpful for improving people's memory. Fat-soluble vitamins in fat are also easily absorbed by the body.

    gseice ice cream machine-cream
    Carbohydrates are composed of lactic acid in milk and various fruit juices, fructose and sucrose in fruit pulp. The organic acid tannins and various vitamins can provide the human body with the required nutrition.
    gseice ice cream machine-sugar

    The important job of the air is to fill the volume, so that the raw materials such as cream and sugar continue to "expand bigger". Generally speaking, the more air, the softer the ice cream tastes. If the rate is 100% (half air and half ice cream), the price will be relatively lower, and the ice cream with less air will taste more mellow and solid, such as Italian ice cream, because less air is stirred at low speed, and the expansion rate is generally 20% ~30%, the price is higher.

    gseice ice cream machine-snow

    Now you what is inside a ice cream. Would you like have a tasty ice cream at home? GSEICE help you wish come true. With GSEICE soft ice cream machine, you can make ice cream with good professional puffing and easy operation. GSEICE ST16E is small size suitable place at home and simple design for everyone to operate.

    gseice ice cream machine

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