Double Bowl Slushy Machine

GSEICE RL12*2 Slushy Machine, 
  • One Button Start ,Easy to operate

  • Eye-catching Apple Shape Design

  • Double the Fun with Two Bowls

  • Powerful 860W Compressor

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Dimension & Weight

Control & Monitor

Puffing System


GSEICE ST16E ice cream machine

Small Size Design

  • A4 Width

    Machine Width is 8.26inch
  • Suitable Height

    Machine Height is 29.1inch
  • Moderate Weight

    Machine Wegith is 52.4kg
GSEICE ST16E ice cream machine

Control & Monitor

  • One Button Start

    Press freeze button to start mkaing ice cream. Press wash to clean the machine
  • LCD Screen

    LCD Screenhelp you checking all machine status. Wolking voltage,ice cream finishing percent and temp display clearly


GSEICE ST16E ice cream machine

Double Puffing

  • Inside Puffing System

    Build-in air pump, injection air to cylinder getting ice cream puffing
  • Puffing Stick

    Special design puffing stick placing in hopper, helping material getting puffing better.
GSEICE ST16E ice cream machine

Ergonomics Design

  • Ergonomics Design

    The machine is designed based on ergonomics, and the 42-degree LCD display makes it easier for people to detect the machine's status during operation. The handle and rounded corners that fit the palm of your hand allow you to operate smoothly and ensure safety during use.


Client Story Sharing
My children love to eat ice cream, especially in the hot summer, when I buy them delicious and cool ice cream, I can always get their sweet smiles. Recently, when I was searching online, I found an ice cream machine with a good price/performance ratio. With the mentality of giving it a try, I bought it back. Unexpectedly, the operation of the machine is very simple. When the children eat the ice cream I made by myself, my happiness as a mother is even stronger. Thanks to GSEICE, I have an unforgettable memory of ice cream with my children.

-Lily -

I'm a typical party fanatic, and I tend to hold various parties 3 to 4 times a week. During the party, everyone has a strong demand for various iced drinks. At the beginning of the period, I bought a whole bag of ice outside. Once I saw a good ice machine on the Internet. It was not that big, but it could meet my needs for ice. So I placed an order and bought it back. I didn't expect it to be very useful. Since then, I no longer have to go outside to buy a whole bag of ice at parties. GSEICE ice machine perfectly meets my needs. I saw that they still have a slushy machine, I must buy it and give it a try, there is nothing better than serving slushy drinks to everyone at a party.


I have my own little bar in Philadelphia with a loyal clientele. There is a certain amount of ice cubes consumed daily, but not too much. I had an ice machine before but it has been used for many years, and I was thinking about whether to change it. I found GSEICE's ice machine advertisement by accident, and its models with different ice production volumes and affordable prices attracted me. So I bought a 150-pound machine and came back. In the beginning, there were still some that I couldn't use. After communicating with their customer service, I received enthusiastic service and teaching. The touch panel was a big surprise to me. The product volume is also as indicated on the label, 150 pounds per day, which basically meets the needs of my bar. I am very happy to have such a useful ice machine.



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