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Ice Maker

SY Series Ice Maker Machine, help you make ice at home, no need buy ice again

ST Series Ice Cream Machine

A Small Size Ice Cream Machine suitable for small business or home using



I have tried other units and was very disappointed. I recieved one unit that had a drip at the front gasket. Customer service replaced the machine immediately. Seemed silly to me to replace a whole unit when all they needed was to send a new front handle/gasket. But oh well.....I am much happier with the new unit anyway.

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The manual is a little bit tough to understand as it is a translation to english. However with the help of YouTube videos by the company as well as reviews by other patrons you can get by. In about 15 to 20 minutes you have soft serve in home. Taste great.


The setup was easy on this ice maker and it worked great! The ice stayed frozen so it's insulated well. This would be great for a home that likes to entertain. These are the standard square cubes that you see in a restaurant. There is a blue light inside so in dark surroundings you are able to see the ice.


I was looking at ice makers because I have to go buy bags of ice anytime that I entertain guests. My home ice maker does not nearly make enough ice but I did not want anything too big. This fills the need very well. It is small (in the grand scheme of ice makers) but yet it pumps out a lot of ice. It also has options for different sizes of ice. Installation was fairly simple and it does not seem to use too much water or energy.

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Just received my GSEICE slushy machine. Wow, what a beautiful machine. The machine makes wonderful Slushy’s, frozen coffee drinks and even frozen Adult cocktails too. The pictures I posted of the day I got the slushy machine. I just started to learn how to make blue raspberry and lemon lime slush. In a few days I’ll post other pictures of different flavors and different types of things you can make in the slushy machine. Hey I wonder if you can do ice cream inside the slushy machine? Maybe you can. Slushy’s are a lot of fun, and with this GSEICE slushy machine, you will have a blast, full of fun and great tasting drinks. I know I am having fun.

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We set this up in a storage room at our was pretty easy to set up, much like a fridge but you also need a drain near by. It's not very loud, though you do hear running water when it's filling. Theres a very bright blue light on the outside and another inside. Those made it hard for me to video but they're a cool effect and you can turn them off. The touch screen makes it very user friendly.


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