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The Magic of Ice Cubes

by JasonLee 19 Aug 2022 0 Comments


  1. Bring down a fever
  2. Burn treatment
  3. Treatment of heat stroke
  4. Treat dermatitis
  5. To treat trauma
  6. Treat insect bite
  7. 7.Relieve pain
  8. Beauty and skin care efficacy

We normally making cold drinks or cool with ice cubes.However, ice cubes have more function during daily use.Let us check what else we can do with those lovely ice cubes.

Bring down a fever

When the body has high fever and needs to cool down, you can put some ice cubes in a plastic bag, and then wrap it with a dry towel on the head, neck, armpit or chest, etc., so that the body temperature can be lowered quickly and the brain can be prevented from being burned.

gseice ice machine-ice cube

Burn treatment

For mild scalds, clean ice cubes can be applied directly to the scalded area, or the ice cubes can be poured into a basin, and the scalded area can be inserted into the ice cubes to relieve pain, prevent redness and swelling, and reduce the occurrence of blisters.

Treatment of heat stroke

Heat stroke in summer, you can immediately put ice on the head and chest. When a severe headache occurs when the head is exposed to direct sunlight, it can also be cooled with ice cubes immediately.

Treat dermatitis

In summer, if you have prickly heat or a small rash on your body, you can use ice water to scrub the affected area, which not only relieves itching, but also makes the prickly heat rash subside as soon as possible.

To treat trauma

After bruises and sprains, do not apply hot compresses, which will cause small blood vessels to rupture and bleed, but ice compresses on the injured area to reduce blood vessel bleeding, prevent the formation of hematomas, and facilitate the recovery of contusions.

Treat insect bite

After being bitten by poisonous bees and insects, the wound will be painful and swollen. In addition to drug treatment, local ice can be applied to relieve pain and prevent the spread of toxins.

gseice ice machine-ice cube

7.Relieve pain

The small thorns in the fingertips should be removed with a needle. You can press the fingertips on the ice until it becomes numb, and there is no pain when picking the thorns.
When you have a toothache, you can put ice cubes at the purlicue, and it will be relieved after a few minutes, but it should be noted that the ice cubes are placed in the opposite direction. Put ice cubes on the right hand purlicue when the left side has a toothache

Beauty and skin care efficacy


Pressing ice cubes on pesky acne pimples can effectively eliminate redness. Ice cubes not only reduce inflammation, but also reduce the pain associated with acne. Wrap some ice cubes in a towel, then apply it to the acne-affected area, remove it after five to ten minutes, and the acne will be gone!

Remove eye bags and eliminate puffy eyes

If you didn't sleep well at night, your eyes were puffy when you woke up in the morning, very ugly! When drinking coffee in the morning, you can wrap some ice cubes in a towel and apply it to the puffy eyes, and there will be no signs of not sleeping well at night.

Shrink pores

Before applying makeup every day, apply a piece of ice on your face, and apply more to the areas with large pores, which can effectively shrink the pores and make your makeup look more delicate after makeup.

gseice ice machine-ice cube

You know ice cube is useful in the daily life now. What are you waiting for, making some ice and try it yourself! Wait, you cannot make such many ice cubes? Try GSEICE SY series ice maker, sy90 is small design with full ice making function can produce 90 lbs ice per day for you!

What are you waiting for, come can get your ice machine now!

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