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Step-by-Step Guide to Using a GSEICE Ice Cream Machine

by LiLinus 17 Dec 2022 0 Comments


  1. Preparation
  2. Operation
  3. Cleaning

With the development of science and technology and the times, people's income level continues to increase. More and more families are not satisfied with going to the dessert shop to buy delicious ice cream.

Many people have bought ice cream machines for themselves and their families and started making delicious ice cream at home. Do you know how to use ice cream machine in right way?


You need have a ice cream machine yourself. A real ice cream have its own refrigeration system. Others may just a simple blender. Many ice cream machines are for commercial use, this time we introduce GSEICE ST16E soft serve ice cream machine for a example.

Ice Cream Machine

You need ice cream mix and waters. Doles or Frostline will be good choice because their ice cream mix powder is low in fat and cholesterol-, gluten-, and lactose-free, allowing you to service a wider variety of die. Do not forget choose the flavor you want.

 Ice Cream Machine

You can also prepare some nuts, chocolate and fruit add on the top of the ice cream if you like.


  • Step one: Simply mix with cold water and pour into your soft serve machine. Read on for specific mixing details. Fill a clean Frostline mixing bucket to the indicated 8 qt/2 gallon line with cold water.Pour in contents of one bag of Frostline Soft Serve Mix. Stir with wire whisk until completely dissolved (About 2 minutes).
  • Step two: Cleaning the machine before using. We advise pouring some hot water into the machine to clean it first. Turn on the machine then add hot water to the hopper, and press the clean button of the ST16E ice cream machine. Dispense the all water.
     Ice Cream Machine
  • Step Three: Pour the prepared ice cream mix material into the hopper, press the freezing button, start to making ice cream. Insert the puffing stick(rod). You can dispense few out at this steps and pour back to hopper. This action help your ice cream get better puffing.
     Ice Cream Machine
  • Step Four: Wait until the ice cream finished. The sign is the ration reached 99 percent.
     Ice Cream Machine
  • Step Five: Dispense the ice cream, you can use a cone, bowl, or any container you want. Add extra tasty things like fruit, nuts, or chocolate according to your personal favor.


Don't forget to clean the machine after enjoying your lovely ice cream. To clean the ST16E ice cream maker, all you need to do is add water and press the clean button. Pour out the dirty water and keep the steps until the water is clear.

We recommend doing deeper clean before you store the machine in the winter or don't use it for a long time. Take the parts of and clean them and dry them.

By learning how to use a professional ice cream maker, you will discover how easy it is to make delicious ice cream at home. It's like making cookies or cakes at home. what are you waiting for? Buy an ice cream machine and practice it.

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