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Ice Maker Machine: Difference between Commercial and Home Use

by Linus Li 22 Feb 2023 0 Comments


  1. Production/storage of ice machines
  2. Advantages of ice machines
  3. Ice machine usage scene
  4. What should you pay attention to when choosing an ice maker?
  5. Precautions for the use of ice machines
  6. Conclusion

Ice machines are mainly divided into domestic, commercial and industrial ice-making. This article only discusses the difference between home ice making and commercial ice making machines. Industrial ice-making machines are not in the realm of discussion for now!

ice maker

Production/storage of ice machines

Ice Maker Type Capacity per batch Production time per batch Production per day Recommended use
Home Ice Maker 9 pieces 6-10 minutes 15 kg Personal use in homes
Commercial Ice Machine (Small) 40 pieces 9-20 minutes 60 kg Small milk tea shops/coffee shops
Commercial Ice Machine (Large Business) 55-200 pieces 9-20 minutes 80 kg Medium and large stores, pizzerias/fast food restaurants
ice maker machine for juice

Advantages of ice machines

1. Fast ice production improves efficiency

The efficiency of doing business is very important. If you can improve efficiency, you can have more customers. Commercial ice machines can improve efficiency and service very well.

2. Safety and hygiene

If you clean your ice maker intelligently, you can have cleaner and more hygienic ice without any peculiar smell. Food is big business, and an ice machine gives you peace of mind. . .

3. Large ice production to meet demand

In general, the of an ice machine's ice production and storage capacity can meet one day's needs. An ordinary ice machine can meet the needs of 100 to 200 people per day. The ice cubes are protected by a foam layer and are not easy to melt. So, use it, use it, use it, worry about not having ice.

ice maker

Ice machine usage scene

The ice maker is a piece of essential commercial kitchen equipment in modern canteens, and it can highlight its important position in the hot summer. A cup of cold drink can dispel the hot and dull mood, and bring customers the freshness they need most.

Compared with commercial ice machines, home ice machines have a smaller ice volume and can be used when connected to the power supply, and can only be used by 2-3 people; commercial ice machines with larger ice volumes are generally split and some are even similar to industrial ice machines. Commercial ice machines are mainly suitable for supermarkets, convenience stores, milk tea shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, home parties, etc.

ice macker machine

The amount of ice consumed by each customer in each scene is different, so before choosing an ice machine, you must know your store, how much ice is consumed every day, and purchase products according to your store's needs.

What should you pay attention to when choosing an ice maker?

  1. Ice production volume: This is the most importantfactor. We can choose according to our own needs. Generally speaking, Ice production volume from the ice machine will change with the environment. It will be extended accordingly.
  2. Ice cubes: There are about two types of ice cubes and round ice on the market. Cube ice is more popular, but cube ice machines are generally commercial and home ice machines can only make round ice.

Precautions for the use of ice machines

  1. The ice maker should be installed away from heat sources, out of direct sunlight, and in a well-ventilated place. The ambient temperature should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius to avoid poor condenser cooling due to excessive ambient temperature and affect ice-making effect. The ground where the ice machine is installed must be solid and flat, and the ice machine must be kept level, otherwise it will not cause defrosting and noise during operation.
    commercial ice maker
  2. The space between the back and the left and right sides of the ice machine should not be less than 30 cm, and the space on the top should not be less than 60 cm.
  3. The ice machine must use an independent power supply, dedicated line power supply, and be equipped with leakage protection fuses and switches, and must be reliably grounded.
  4. The water used by the ice machine must meet the national drinking water standards, and a water filter device must be installed to filter impurities in the water so as not to block the water pipes and pollute the water tank and the ice mold. And affect the performance of ice making.
  5. When cleaning the ice machine, the power must be off. It is strictly forbidden to flush the machine directly with a water pipe. It should be scrubbed with a neutral detergent. It is strictly forbidden to clean it with acid, alkaline and other corrosive solvents.
  6. The ice machine needs to unscrew the head of the water inlet hose for two months to clean the filter screen of the water inlet valve to prevent sand and mud impurities in the water from clogging the water inlet, which will make the water inlet become smaller, so no ice is produced.
  7. The ice machine should be dusted on the surface of the condenser every two months. Poor condensation and heat dissipation will damage the compressor components. When cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner, small brush, etc. to clean the oil and dust on the condensing surface, and do not use sharp metal tools to clean, so as not to damage the condenser.
  8. Water lines, sinks, storage bins, and the protective film on the icemaker should be cleaned every two months.
  9. When the ice machine is not in use, it should be cleaned, and the ice mold and moisture in the box should be dried with a hair dryer and placed in a dry and ventilated place without corrosive gas, avoiding open storage.


To sum up, ice machines are essential equipment for businesses that serve cold beverages and need to meet high standards for making ice. Commercial ice machines are more suitable for larger shops, restaurants, cafes and bars, while home ice machines are suitable for small gatherings.

Ice production volume, ice cube type and the environment in which it will be used are key considerations in the selection of an ice maker.

To ensure that the machine operates at peak performance and maintains a high level of hygiene, regular maintenance and cleaning are also essential. Businesses can improve their efficiency, provide clean and hygienic ice, and keep their customers happy by following the precautions and recommendations outlined in this article.

ice maker machine for commercial

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