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Purchasing a Commercial Ice Machine: 6 Things to Avoid (Update For 2023)

by Linus Li 18 Feb 2023 0 Comments


  1. What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Commercial Ice Machine
  2. Choosing the wrong kind of ice maker is the first mistake to avoid.
  3. Conclusion

What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Commercial Ice Machine

Before buying an ice maker, some study is necessary to have some analysis to avoid some common mistakes. Following this guide, you will know the key factors to consider when looking for an ice maker, such as your budget and how much ice power and storage space you'll require.

It's time to consider your choices after deciding which features you require. Commercial ice makers come in two varieties: those that dispense tap water and use central refrigeration. While tap water dispensing systems use individual tanks to hold cold water locally, major cooling systems use overhead ducts or chillers to distribute cold air throughout a structure. Make sure to select a tap water dispensing system with an automated shutoff valve in case of emergency flooding if you intend to use one. Compared to tap water dispensers, central cooling systems typically offer more features and can be more costly, but they may prove more effective over time.

The quality of the ice should be taken into account when selecting a commercial ice maker. It's critical to pick a commercial ice maker that will satisfy your requirements and fall within your price range because the features and prices of these machines can vary widely. The following are things to consider when choosing an ice maker:
  1. How much ice can the equipment make in an hour?
  2. Does the equipment use a central cooling system or a water-dispensing system?
  3. What are the machine's measurements?
  4. What benefits does the device can provide?
ice maker

Choosing the wrong kind of ice maker is the first mistake to avoid.

A few mistakes to avoid when picking the best industrial ice maker for your company. When looking for an ice maker, avoid the following errors:

  1. Choosing an ice maker of the wrong kind. The most frequent error when selecting an ice maker is the incorrect type. There are two major categories of commercial ice makers: batch and continuous. Large amounts of ice are produced all at once by batch ice makers, while lesser amounts are produced gradually by straight ice makers.
  2. Selecting the incorrect measurement. Size counts when it comes to commercial ice makers! You must select a machine that can handle the daily quantity of ice you will use. Choose a model that can create 3 pounds of ice per hour, for instance, if you intend to use your appliance three times per day.
  3. Ignoring price tags or ease. Convenience and price tags, two important aspects of running a business, are things to bear when looking for an ice maker. Consider whether you prefer a model with more features or one that is simple. (like more speed). Also, while some versions are significantly less expensive than others, they might not have all the features you require.

Avoiding Mistake 2: Ignoring Energy Efficiency Research. Making an error when buying an ice maker is the last thing you want to do. Remember to look into the energy economy of any commercial-grade equipment you consider. Ensure any ice maker you purchase has been examined for energy economy and complies with the standards established by the EPA. This will not only guarantee that your device is ecologically friendly, but it will also eventually result in cost savings on your power bills.

Mistake 3 to Avoid: Ignoring Maintenance and Service Needs. Most commercial ice makers last between three and five years, but some can last ten or more. Maintaining your machine's functionality requires a routine cleansing.

Mistake 4 to Avoid:It's also essential to consider the price of any accessories you might have to buy separately. For instance, you might need to invest in a water filtration device to guarantee the ice's quality or a bin to store it after it has been made. When planning your ice machine spending, be sure to account for the price of these extras.

Mistake 5 to Avoid: Disregarding Warranty and Service Options. Commercial ice makers are pricey bits of machinery, so it's critical to safeguard your investment. Make sure to consider the warranty and service choices offered for the ice maker you are considering. Some manufacturers might provide service plans or extended warranties, which can increase your investment's security and peace of mind.

Mistake 6 to Aviod: Ignoring Water Quality. The ice quality created by your ice maker can be significantly impacted by the water quality used in its operation. Scale buildup on the ice maker's interior parts can lower the efficiency and lifespan of the appliance. Hard water or water with a high mineral content can cause this. To enhance the quality of the water used in your ice maker, consider investing in a water filtration device.


Several errors can be made when buying an industrial ice maker. You can ensure that you choose the best option for your company by avoiding these errors and considering aspects like the type of machine, energy efficiency, maintenance requirements, accessories, warranty and service opportunities, and water quality.

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