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Maintenance of ice cream machine

by JasonLee 10 Aug 2022 0 Comments

Proper use and maintenance may prolong the service life of ice cream machine. So how do we maintain the ice cream machine?

  1. The stirrer, outlet valve and valve stem must be cleaned every day, along with the seal sleeve, stem seal ring and the seal ring of outlet valve to be checked whether there is damage. If any, replace the parts timely. At the same time, the seal sleeve and stem seal ring must be smeared with Vaseline during installation, for convenient use.

  1. Considering that the condenser will be dusty after the machine is used for a period of time, leading to poor cooling, affecting the cooling effect, the condenser must be regularly cleaned to remove the dust. Specific methods are as follows: Cut off the power, disassemble the side wall, and use a brush or other tools to remove the dust. Do not damage the condenser fin when cleaning.

  1. Considering that the transmission belt of the stirring system may be lengthened after the machine is used for a period of time, the transmission belt shall be adjusted in time. In the case of disconnecting the power supply, disassemble the side wall and adjust the tensioning bolt of the belt to ensure the proper tension.(For BJK model)

  1. Prepare the cleaning disinfectant: Add a moderate amount of food detergent to 2 liters of warm water.

  1. Clean the hopper: Pour the disinfectant into the hopper, turn on the switch and stir for 2 - 3 minutes, then cut off the power, and scrub the hopper and freezing cylinder.

  1. Clean the storage bin regularly based on the following steps:
    (1) Press the cleaning button to discharge all the waste liquid within the cylinder, and then press the stop button.
    (2) Add a moderate amount disinfectant to the warm water, and pour it into the hopper.
    (3) Press the cleaning button to stir for about 1 - 2 minutes until the cleaning fluid is discharged.
    (4) Clean the hopper with clean water for another 2-3 times.

  1. To keep the body of ice cream machine clean, wipe the body with a wet towel but not water to remove stains, so as to avoid any failure in ice cream machine.

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