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The Difference Between Four Ice Cream Machines

by Leon Zhang 27 Sep 2023 0 Comments

Ice cream, as a delicious dessert, has always been a favorite. And in order to make rich and creamy ice cream at home, a good ice cream machine is essential. In today's article, we will compare and contrast four ice cream machines of different sizes: the 16E, 16RE, 16REW and 16RELW. although they all have a refrigeration function, they have different characteristics in some key aspects.


**16E: the basic model**

- First of all, we have the 16E, which is a basic ice cream machine that does not have pre-cooling for freshness. This means it's suitable for use in a variety of ice cream flavors, but won't keep ingredients fresh.

- The 16E is equipped with a built-in puffing pump, which is useful for making ice cream with a delicate texture.

- It uses a plastic mixer, which is adequate in general, but may not be powerful enough for certain complex ingredients.

- The unit comes with a 5-inch screen that allows the user to easily operate and monitor the cooling process.


**16RE: Upgraded model**

- The 16RE is an upgraded version of the 16E with a pre-cooling freshness feature that helps keep ingredients fresh.

- Like the 16E, the 16RE is equipped with a built-in puffing pump and plastic stirrer, making it possible to make a variety of ice cream types.

- It also features a 5-inch screen that allows users to easily operate and monitor the unit.


**16REW: The Advanced Model**

- The 16REW is an advanced model ice cream machine with a pre-cooling and freshness function, a built-in puffing pump and a plastic stirrer.

- Unlike the previous two models, the 16REW is equipped with a larger 7-inch touchscreen that offers more operating options and a better user experience.

- This additional touchscreen feature allows users to control the unit more easily and browse through different ice cream making recipes.


**16RELW: Premium model**

- Finally, we have the 16RELW, a premium model ice cream machine.

- Similar to the 16REW, the 16RELW has a pre-cooling and freshness function, a built-in puffing pump, but unlike the previous three models, it has a stainless steel mixer, which makes it more suitable for handling a wide range of ingredients.

- In addition, the 16RELW has a basin mixing function that can hold more ingredients, making ice cream preparation even easier.

- Like the 16REW, the 16RELW is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen that offers more control options and more screen space.


To summarize, these four ice cream machines differ significantly in terms of pre-cooling and freshness features, churn material and screen size. Users can choose the model that suits their needs and budget to create the most delicious ice cream and frozen desserts. No matter which one you choose, these ice cream machines will provide you with the convenience and creativity you need to enjoy delicious ice cream at home.


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