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Tips for Preventing Slushy Machines from Freezing Up!

by Linus Li 04 Mar 2023 0 Comments


  1. Slushy machine tips
  2. Precautions When Using Slushy Machines
  3. Conclusion

Slushy machines are a fun and easy way to make refreshing frozen treats, but they can freeze if not maintained properly.

Slushy machine tips

Here are some tips to help prevent your slushy machine from freezing:

  • Keep the blade spinning: Before pouring any liquid into the machine, make sure the blade is always spinning. This will prevent ice from forming before the machine starts working.
GSEICE 3*12L hopper slushy machine
  • Get the right water to syrup ratio: If the sugar content in the mixture is not high enough, large ice cubes will form that are difficult to break. Getting the right water to syrup ratio will prevent this from happening and allow the mixture to be slushy. If your machine freezes outside the tank, the ice to slush ratio may not have enough water. Turn the machine off and allow the snow to thaw to correct this. Remove the mix from the tank and refill with 6:1 slush mix.
  • Don't overwork the machine: Freezing can be caused by leaving the machine on for too long. Be sure to turn the machine off when not in use and allow any melted snow to completely thaw before turning it back on.
  • Regular maintenance: Regular machine maintenance will also help prevent your slushy machine from freezing and will help you avoid costly repairs if your machine breaks down. We recommend washing and rinsing your machine weekly. Lubrication should be done twice a week and the condenser should be cleaned once a week. A thorough cleaning, including sanitizing the machine and lubricating the seals, should be done weekly or every 500 drinks, whichever comes first.

The GSEICE team is on call to help get your machine back up and running if needed.

Precautions When Using Slushy Machines

When using a slushy machine, it's important to take precautions to ensure safety and proper operation. Here are some tips to help you use your slushy machine safely and effectively:
  • Place the machine on a solid countertop: Place the machine horizontally on a solid countertop. If the counter is tilted or uneven, the machine may not operate properly.
  • Install ground wire and circuit breaker: Be sure to install the ground wire and circuit breaker for safety.
  • Don't insert hands or sticks into the machine: Do not insert your hands or thin-rooted sticks into the machine as it is dangerous when the motor is rotating.
  • Check the cable before use: Check the cable before or during use (1.5mm square cable is suitable). If the plug of the cable does not make good contact or the cable is damaged, there is a risk of electric shock or fire when the machine is stopped.
  • Wash the juice bucket daily: Please wash the juice cup daily to keep it clean.
  • Wait before restarting: If you restart after shutting down, you must wait for more than 5 minutes. The voltage is unstable, equipped with a voltage stabilizer greater than 2000W.
  • Install in a well-ventilated place: Install the machine in a place with good ventilation. There should be more space around the machine for ventilation.
  • Use a special mechanical outlet: Use a dedicated mechanical outlet. Do not share an outlet with other electrical equipment.
  • Install at appropriate temperature: Please install when the ambient temperature is below 35 degrees. When cooling, the beverage temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.
  • Don't switch between cooling and heating: It is strictly forbidden to switch to cooling or heating mode, otherwise the compressor will be damaged.


In conclusion, maintaining a slushy machine is critical to preventing it from freezing and avoiding costly repairs.With proper care and maintenance, a slushy machine can provide a smooth and delicious frozen treat for years to come.

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