GSEICE BJK288S Ice Cream machine
GSEICE BJK288S Ice Cream machine
GSEICE BJK288S Ice Cream machine
GSEICE BJK288S Ice Cream machine
GSEICE BJK288S Ice Cream machine
GSEICE BJK288S Ice Cream machine
GSEICE BJK288S Ice Cream machine
GSEICE BJK288S Ice Cream machine

GSEICE BJK288S 2500W Commercial Ice Cream Maker,6.8-8.4 Gal/H Yield, 2500W Countertop Soft Serve Machine w/ 2*2.1 Gal Hopper 0.53 Gal Cylinders LCD Panel Puffing Shortage Alarm, Frozen Yogurt Maker for Restaurant Snack Bar




  • Create Delicious Creations: With the BJK ice cream machine, you can create your own unique and delicious ice cream creations with up to three different flavors. Perfect for family gatherings or entertaining guests, impress them with your homemade ice cream.

  • Fast and Efficient: With a 2500w compressor and double puffing system, the BJK ice cream machine produces up to 8.4 gallons of ice cream per hour. You can serve your guests' delicious ice cream quickly and efficiently.

  • Pre-cooling and Fresh-Keeping Model: The BJK ice cream machine comes with a pre-cooling and fresh-keeping model which keeps your ice cream at the perfect temperature for serving. You don't need to worry about your ice cream melting or losing its quality.

  • Stylish and Durable: The BJK ice cream machine comes in two stylish optional styles, tabletop or floor standing. It features a brand compressor and a beautifully embossed ice cream design on the front which adds to its elegant look. Plus, it is made of durable and high-quality materials that ensure long-lasting performance.

  • Easy to Use: The BJK ice cream machine is easy to use with a simple control panel and a large LCD screen. It has two 2.1-gallon hoppers and a built-in inside puffing and puffing rod system that makes the process of making ice cream effortless. Plus, it has a one-button washing function which saves you time and hassle.


BJK288s speicification 

GSEICE BJK288S Ice Cream MachineGSEICE BJK288S Ice Cream MachineGSEICE BJK288S Ice Cream MachineGSEICE BJK288S Ice Cream MachineGSEICE BJK288S Ice Cream MachineGSEICE BJK288S Ice Cream MachineGSEICE BJK288S Ice Cream MachineGSEICE BJK288S Ice Cream MachineGSEICE BJK288S Ice Cream MachineGSEICE BJK288S Ice Cream MachineGSEICE BJK288S Ice Cream MachineGSEICE BJK288S Ice Cream MachineGSEICE BJK288S Ice Cream Machine

Why Choose Us

1. Factory Directly Sells

GSEICE is a brand belonging to Guangzhou Guangshen Produce co.,.ltd. A factory dedicate to manufactory refrigeration equipment for over 17 years

2. Lifetime Customer Service

We respond to all customers buying machines from us. Our technical and service team will help you solve any questions about our machines. No matter what you bought or want to buy it.

3.100% Satisfied Guaranteed

If you buy a new machine and it is not working, after communicating with our technician. we will replace the new one for you or refund you the full money if you don't want it anymore.

GSEICE will always be your cooling partner!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
ernest vandall
Overall very pleased with machine.

I am very pleased with the machine it works great. The only down fall is that I am needing replacement parts and I am unable to buy them on amazon. I contacted the company and have found a fix for now. Customer service was great, and I look forward to getting my machine fixed.

GSEICE 2500W is Best Choice of Commercial Ice Cream Maker!

The Commercial Ice Cream Maker I bought was:
- Model: BJK
- Size: BJK288S

I had been looking for an ice cream machine for some years that I could use inside my house.

But the different brand options that I found gave an unprofessional, inconsistent ice cream product; the brands that gave a good quality product were very expensive or were not viable to use inside the house.

Until a few months ago, I was lucky to find this excellent brand of ice cream machine maker called GSEICE.

I would like to share my experience with the Commercial Ice Cream Maker and the GSEICE company.

*Commercial Ice Cream Maker (Model: BJK)*

This Commercial Ice Cream Maker (Model BJK) will give you a delicious and professional experience.

I will mention the following:

- The Commercial Ice Cream Maker is made with high-quality materials.
- The aesthetic of the machine is beautiful, it will give an elegant essence to your kitchen.
- The installation is easy and fast, you only have to plug the machine, fill it out and you are good to go.
- The assembly of the pieces is simple. Just read the instructions and clean the parts before and after using it.
- The preparation time of the ice creams is about 15 to 20 minutes.
- The final product of the ice cream is spectacular, silky, and delicious.
It is everything you can expect from a soft-serve ice cream. It gives a result equal to or better than what you could find in an ice cream parlor.
- The soft-serve ice cream can be made in different forms since it contains special molds.
- The ice cream mix can be made with whole milk, yogurt, or vegan milk.
The machine can make any type of soft-serve ice cream.
- The cleaning is effortless. It is important to give good maintenance to the machine and its removable pieces. (You can also instruct yourself with the company's Youtube videos).
- The digital system is totally clear and easy to use.
- The instructions are very clear. Any questions that may arise, the Customer and Technical Service are in good and quick disposition to solve them.

*Customer Service*

GSEICE has the best Customer Service!

The shopping experience I had with Customer Service was excellent.

At all times there was constant communication to resolve my concerns prior to making the purchase.

I was given security and advice to make this purchase.

Very happy to have made this purchase.

Another relevant point, which should be mentioned, is that GSEICE company has been selling for more than 20 years, so you can be sure that your purchase will be good and professional. (You are in excellent hands)

*Technical Service*

The Technical Service was excellent, along with constant communication regarding everything technical about the machine.

This Commercial Ice Cream Maker was a whole new experience for me.

At the moment of having it in my house, doubts arose since I wanted to give the best care to the machine.

The engineer gave me advice in any doubt that I had in a clear and concise way.

I was left with no doubt, and I was able to give good care and use to the machine. Now, I also had a greater understanding of the operation and engineering of the machine.
(Despite not having had an appliance like this before)

All thanks to the Technical Service. I'm very grateful.

*Care That You Should Give To The Commercial Ice Cream Maker *

The Commercial Ice Cream Maker is fully professional.

Its engineering is of high quality and it is very powerful when making ice cream.

So you must take into account the electrical engineering of the wiring of your house or your premises.

To use it, you must have:
- A 20 to 30-amp circuit breaker
- A voltage of 120volts
- A ground wire.

These will allow you to take care of the machine as well as the wiring of your house.

If you do not have the aforementioned, it is important to take it into account and carry out the necessary electrical installation in your home/premises before buying the machine.

It is entirely the customer's responsibility to be aware if this Commercial Ice Cream Maker is suitable for your home or premises.

Since the GSEICE company is selling you a professional product that implies an adequate installation for its use.

*Personal Opinion*

The Commercial Ice Cream Maker gave me a beautiful experience for this Christmas Season.

I was able to enjoy a delicious ice cream with all the family.

It was a big surprise for them to see this machine and they were very excited and satisfied to try the soft-serve ice cream.

(I attach some photos and videos of the soft-serve ice cream that I make)

I have nothing more to say than thank you very much GSEICE, for providing this excellent option of Commercial Ice Cream Maker.

Good Ice cream maker

GSEICE is good icecream maker. Their customer service is really good.


Factory Directly Sale to Customer


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