GSEICE ST16E Ice Cream Machine
GSEICE ST16E Ice Cream Machine
GSEICE ST16E Ice Cream Machine
GSEICE ST16E Ice Cream Machine
GSEICE ST16E Ice Cream Machine
GSEICE ST16E Ice Cream Machine
GSEICE ST16E Ice Cream Machine
GSEICE ST16E Ice Cream Machine
GSEICE ST16E Ice Cream Machine
GSEICE ST16E Ice Cream Machine
GSEICE ST16E Ice Cream Machine
GSEICE ST16E Ice Cream Machine
GSEICE ST16E Ice Cream Machine
GSEICE ST16E Ice Cream Machine

GSEICE ST16E Commercial Ice Cream Maker,4.2 to 4.7 Gal/H Yield, Countertop Soft Serve Machine with 1.6 Gal Hopper Puffing Shortage Alarm, Frozen Yogurt Maker for Home

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  • 🍦 [6L Large Capacity] This ice cream machine is equipped with a 6L capacity hopper, stainless steel material, and the bottom of the hopper is designed with a sloped surface to make full use of raw materials. Due to the importance of ice cream recipes, it is strongly recommended that you follow the standard ratio of water and ice cream powder (1:2.5) instead of using milk paste. Note: This ST16E machine does not have a pre-cooling function
  • 🍦 [5-Inch LED Mini Design] This soft serve ice cream machine uses a 5-inch waterproof LED screen, and the screen panel is tilted up 42°. You can directly observe and control the quantity, hardness, and temperature of the ice cream without bending over. You will be amazed that the body is only as wide as a sheet of A4 paper, and the ice cream maker is more compact and flexible. The body is designed with concave panel size, has more space, and quickly makes a large cup of ice cream sundae.
  • 🍦 [Quiet and efficient] Adopting world-renowned brand compressors and worm gear reducers, equipped with R290 fluorine-free refrigerant, cooling faster and more energy-saving. The worm gear reducer makes the ice cream machine run quieter, down to 68 decibels. The ice cream machine can adapt to a variety of different climates,(Working temperature: 41℉ ~ 91.4℉) the ice cream machine still works normally to meet various indoor and outdoor gatherings such as Christmas, New Year, and parties.
  • 🍦 [One-touch cleaning and thaw] The ice cream machine has a one-touch cleaning function and a one-touch thaw function. When cleaning the ice cream machine before making ice cream, just pour water into the hopper and press the cleaning button to automatically clean it. Wait for a while to drain the sewage from the discharge port. If you want to change the taste halfway, just press the thaw button. Wait for a while, and then you can change to other flavor mixtures.
  • 🍦 [Intimate design] This soft serve ice cream machine adopts a colorful body, and the outer shell is sprayed with anti-corrosion paint, which is beautiful and generous, This soft serve ice cream machine for home and businesses are a good choice. The exquisite discharge port is matched with an ergonomic handle, and the operation is smooth. There is a condensate drain under the body to prevent condensate from falling into the machine and causing damage to the machine.


st16e ice cream machine details
st16e ice cream machine details
st16e ice cream machine detailsst16e ice cream machine detailsst16e ice cream machine detailsst16e ice cream machine detailsst16e ice cream machine detailsst16e ice cream machine detailsst16e ice cream machine detailsst16e ice cream machine details

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kyle Sleem
Haven't had it long enough for 5 stars

I got this for home use. I don't make very large batches. I use Nanci's dry mix (mixed with water) in the machine.

Pros - the machine (and Nanci's) makes excellent quality frozen yogurt. The consistency is as good as you could hope for. The taste is excellent.

- the machine is quite easy to understand and use

Cons - have had a minor issue one night where the machine wouldn't make the small batch I was mixing. Not exactly sure what happened, but maybe the mix was too thick, maybe I pressed the wrong button etc, I have no idea.

Other than that I've used it a couple dozen times so far, and it has worked very well. Customer service was very responsive when I had the one issue so I give them credit for that. But the issue kind of resolved itself as much as anything.

For a 5 star review, I'd need to have the machine for a year to see how it holds up. So far it is well worth the money. If you want a machine for home use that is easy to manage and makes high quality frozen yogurt, get this one.

rebecca m.
Good machine, bad instructions

Look to YouTube for videos about how to use it. When it came, there was a magnet in the machine and I had to call people in China to figure it out. There is an email at back of the directions, which are worthless. But they helped me and were wonderful. The machine is great.

Michael Pascual
Great machine and awesome customer service.

This is a great machine, very easy to use and produces great tasting ice cream. The lcd screen is nice and has step by step directions on how to make ice cream. The ice cream in my machine was coming out a little softer than I liked so I emailed the company. They responded within a few hours by email and then by text to understand the issue further. Finally they FaceTimed me and went through the settings and recommended a couple adjustments. Then I made some ice cream and right before it was ready they FaceTimed me back and made sure it came out correctly, which it did. What a great machine but that customer service is out of this world. I’m not sure I ever had someone contact me via FaceTime and help me. Highly recommend!

Aubrey Brewster

The GSEICE Commercial Soft Serve ice cream machine is absolutely wonderful. It works like a charm, makes perfect fluffy soft serve ice cream.
We have it in the employee lounge for the staff to enjoy. About 170 employees have been using it daily, making about 6 gallons of mix a day, and it’s been working perfectly. We’ve had fun trying different flavors. It’s quit and easy to clean.
I also used it for the Mayor of San Francisco’s birthday party, and the guests absolutely loved it… we made her favorite strawberry!
This is a must have machine for any business or just a big household that loves ice cream.
We might buy a slushy machine from GSEICE in the future too!

OMG Everyone needs this ice cream machine in their lives!!!!

I have tried other units and was very disappointed. I recieved one unit that had a drip at the front gasket. Customer service replaced the machine immediately. Seemed silly to me to replace a whole unit when all they needed was to send a new front handle/gasket. But oh well.....I am much happier with the new unit anyway.
I have read that you can go to the manufacturer website and they have replacement parts but we had a party coming up so I did not even try that option.

The unit itself - This unit starts making soft serve in just a few minutes within 5 minutes you can start serving and by 8 it is perfect. It is easy to clean and the override button really helps keep the mixing chamber from freezing up. It is easy to adjust the settings and the ice cream comes out perfect every time. I have used 3 different types of soft serve mix so far and all of them have worked with no issues.
Cleaning cycle does require a large container to catch all of the flush water but overall it only takes about 10 minutes to do a thorough cleaning cycle.

It ships in a very heavy (150#) wood mini pallet crate. You will need some tools and muscle to open it. (screwdriver/pliers something to lift the metal tabs).

My only complaint is that when the holding tank (hopper) is empty all of the ice cream in the mixing area is stuck in there. So there is quite a bit of waste from that.


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