'Ingenuity and Wisdom' documentary filming

  • Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020 00:00:00

CCTV Special | "Ingenuity and Wisdom" feature film was grandly shot at Guangshen Electric



"Ingenuity and Wisdom" documentary filming


On October 27, 2020, the CCTV ingenuity column team went to Guangshen Electric to shoot the documentary "Ingenuity and Wisdom", recording the development achievements of Guangshen in the past 12 years, and also left a strong mark in the development blueprint of Guangshen Electric. From the workshop to the exhibition hall, from the machine to the parts, every place that has been photographed is like a beam of light, shining on the hard work of Guangshen people, and also explaining the "ingenuity spirit" of Guangshen people in pursuit of the ultimate.


Twelve years of devotion have brought Guangshen Electric to a new level in successive transformations. Adhering to the craftsmanship of pursuing excellence and excellence, we continue to carve products and improve processes, and strive to achieve the ultimate in products and provide customers with high-quality products. High-quality commercial refrigeration appliances can truly enhance the taste of human life!



Manufacturing is not only the main body of the national economy, but also the main battlefield of technological innovation. my country's manufacturing industry is at a critical stage of transformation and upgrading. To realize the transformation from "manufacturing power" to "manufacturing power", from "made in China" to "created in China", the "artisan spirit" of  excellence is particularly important.



In the 12 years of development, Guangshen Electric has continuously introduced automatic professional production equipment. At present, it has the most advanced fully automatic complete set of commercial kitchen freezer product production lines, ice cream machine automatic assembly lines, ice machine assembly and testing lines and high-tech Precision laser cutting machine, CNC punching machine, CNC bending machine, CNC liquid filling machine, automatic CNC bending machine, large-tonnage hydraulic stretching machine and other industry-leading professional production equipment, laying a solid foundation for the creation and promotion of "craftsman spirit" a solid foundation.
The "craftsman spirit" is to pay attention to details and pursue the perfection and ultimate of the product; the craftsman's spirit is meticulous, it is the rigor that can not tolerate the slightest flaw; it is patience, concentration and persistence. It is this spirit of craftsmanship that enables Guangshen Electric to devote itself to the R&D and creation in the field of commercial refrigeration, and has achieved extraordinary results: it has obtained more than 50 national patents, including 4 patents for invention, and was certified as a high-tech enterprise in 2016; ice cream machine Obtain high-tech product certification and so on. It is believed that in the future, Guangshen Electric will be able to obtain more honors and achievements, and gradually move towards "created in China!


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